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Celebrating 138 Years of Wenona

Our Foundation Day on Friday 21 June, celebrated Wenona's 138th anniversary.

Foundation Day is the most anticipated event of the year, as it showcases a community-wide celebration of Wenona, a day of joy and merriment.


Our first Foundation Day dates back to 1935, and, since then, new traditions have been added, though at its core, the celebration remains true to its values and purpose.


Each Foundation Day, we welcome back Alumnae who left Wenona 60 years ago. This year, we were thrilled to have more than 30 Alumnae from the Class of 1964 join us. It was incredibly special to welcome them back to Wenona, and they enjoyed touring the School, recounting tales from their school day, and catching up with old friends.


It is also customary to invite an inspiring Alumna to deliver a speech during the Foundation Day Service. This year’s Alumna was Amelia Clubb, from the Class of 2019, who centred her speech around perspective, and how comparing your achievements to someone else’s is a futile exercise. Amelia explained that perspective number one is seeing the accolades and achievements of another person. However, perspective number two is knowing the hard work, resilience, struggles and setbacks it can take to attain those accolades and achievements. Amelia reminded us that it is the adversity we face and overcome that makes us who we are today. She did just that, and it helped her achieve her dream of studying for a postgraduate degree in medicine, a course for which her initial application was unsuccessful.

Another tradition is the cutting of a cake by the youngest student in the School, symbolising the continuity of Wenona’s legacy and its commitment to nurturing the next generation. This year, alongside Principal, Dr Scott, and Amelia Clubb, it was done by Kindergarten student, Hailey, with her mother watching on from the audience.


Finally, Dr Scott awarded the Alumnae Association Spirit Award to a student who has embodied the meaning of Ut Prosim, that I may serve. This award is given to a student who has carried out an action or deed true to our School’s motto and shines a light on a student who may not have the opportunity to be recognised by an annual School award. This year, the award went to Year 11 student, Francesca, who selflessly dedicates her free time to serving her community, volunteering every two weeks with the organisation, Street Side Medics.

After the Service, guests enjoyed morning tea in the West Commons. The room was buzzing as old friends reconnected and generations of families chatted and took photos.

A huge thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our Foundation Day with us, and well done to all who made this day possible.