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Wenona White and Blue Reunion

Last week, Wenona was thrilled to welcome back to school 60 Alumnae who left Wenona 40 or more years ago.

The White and Blue Reunion is an event that takes place every two years, and this year saw the 10th anniversary of this wonderful occasion. The purpose of the event is to celebrate those who left the School 40 or more years ago, and this year we were lucky to have 60 Alumnae join us, the eldest having graduated Wenona in 1948!


Our Alumnae were able to enjoy a lovely lunch in the School Hall, and hear from various members of staff on updates to the School. Items of memorabilia were set up on display, from School uniforms to old publications, and the Hall was adorned with photos dating back to the 1940s. Our Wenonians enjoyed a rendition of the School Song performed by Wenona’s Vocal Ensemble, and were taken on a virtual tour to view the School in its entirety from the comfort of their seats.


One of our more surprising Wenonians was Mr Robert Peel, who attended Kindergarten in 1941. According to our archive, boys were actually allowed to attend Wenona for almost 70 years, the last year of enrolment being 1953! Mr Peel was one of these boys, and we were thrilled to have him join us and hear about his experience at Wenona.


One of the staff members in attendance was Wenona’s Executive Director of the Wenona Foundation, Ms Marie Soghomonian, who said, “Alumnae events like the White and Blue Reunion are incredibly important for our community, as they allow us to celebrate the Wenonians who have come before us and helped shape Wenona into the school it is today. Each of our Alumnae guests has contributed to Wenona in their own way, and it’s a privilege to be able to sit down with them, hear their stories, and share what our amazing students are doing now.”


We are truly grateful for the Alumnae community that we have at Wenona, and we would like to extend our biggest thanks to all who took the time to join us.